Immanuel United Methodist Church
Sunday, July 14, 2024

Grades 1 - 5

This summer we learned about Moses and the Israelites.  We began with the birth of Moses and end with the Israelites being led to the Promised Land with pillars of cloud and fire.
We hope that by looking at Moses' example, the children can see that they don't have to be super strong or powerful if they have God on their side.  God, who is more powerful than pharoahs, presidents and bullies will help those who truse Him.
Bible Verse for the summer:
Philippians 4:13
For I can do everything through Christ, who give me strength.
Courage Flags
Many countries' flags are designed to give courage to their citizens.  Make dip-dye flags to remind your child to be courageous.  Pour food coloring in muffin tins.  Fold a white paper towel into a small square or triangle.  Dip corners into the food coloring and watch the paper absorb the liquid.  Read Joshua 1:7.  Talk about how Christians "absorb" God's courage whey they obey God, pray, read the Bible, and talk with other Christians.  Unfold the paper towel carefully and lay it on newspaper to dry.  Hang the flag in your child's room
Our one-room Sunday School is for grades 1 - 5 where we step up the pace including "Hands On Bible" curriculum.  In this class, we apply Bible teachings with games, activities, discussion, and even experiments!  Offered at both services on Sundays.
The Big Protest:  I want to play with my friend today, they don't have to go to church!  Have them bring their friend with them - then everyone will have more friends - even though people their age don't know it, bringing a friend to church is something we're all called to do and it can even be fun!