Immanuel United Methodist Church
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pastor's Page by Pastor Albert Rush

How are we feeling?

Immanuel, in the past few weeks I have highlighted some of our ministry’s struggles as we continue to try to make disciples for the transformation of the world. Furthermore, in the next few weeks you will be hearing about a number of opportunities to help support and guide God’s ministry here at Immanuel.

However, I have one question for all of us to ponder. How do we feel about Immanuel’s ministry to our family, community and beyond? I would like us to take some time to think about all the difficulties and joys we have had over the years and answer the question. Our answer should be our guide to how we should move forward as a ministry. If we feel great, we should identify what parts of ministry gives us that joy and make sure it spreads to our entire family. If we feel concerned about our struggles, we should offer ideas, and our support to help the ministry to overcome those struggles.
I am asking this question of all us because; your leaders need to know what God has put on your heart to help the ministry grow. If have you have any ideas that you feel will help the ministry, please contact myself or any other leaders our church. Even In the midst of some struggles, we will fully engage our family, visitors and the community with the Annual Charlie Brown service, Trunk or Treat, The Immanuel Market Place, Raise the Praise - Concert of Diversity, Fellowship Dinners, and many other events. Those events are an opportunity for us to be a strong presence in the Eastpointe Community and for us to have so much fun working together as the Body of Christ. It is my prayer, that each and everyone one of us, will do all that we can to support the wonderful work of God that Immanuel is doing.

I will leave that to the word of God from 1 Thessalonians 1: 2-4.

"2We always thank God for all of you when we mention you constantly in our prayers. 3This is because we remember your work that comes from faith, your effort that comes from love, and your perseverance that comes from hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in the presence of our God and Father. 4Brothers and sisters, you are loved by God, and we know that he has chosen you."


For I can do everything through Christ,
who gives me strength.


Pastor Albert L. Rush

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